The Nocturnal Network

Warning: The Nocturnal Network Strictly Adheres To The Mad Scientific Method!

Okay here are the terms of service:

1. Don't touch anything. 2. Don't do anything. 3. Don't even look at anything.

You should leave this domain now and never visit it or all connected websites again. If you ignore the above sound advise then you are agreeing that: 1. If You break it, you bought it! and 2. You expect nothing from this domain as far as services of any type except those services that Viper may or may not offer to you because he likes to play God. 3. If you are receiving services here don't expect it to last forever because Viper sure wasn't looking to marry your problem. 4. If you're here to complain or ask a question we have a special procedure and you can use the follwing link to our 100% effective customer support department. 5. You agree that your disreguard of the above advise to not use this domain is the equivalent of a blood blood oath to Viper and agree to pay an annual tax to him on the first of every month of some arbitrary and highly inflated amount of money.